Underfloor heating

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Underfloor heating

Keep your floors warm and cozy with our Underfloor Heating solutions. Our collection includes Electric Underfloor Heating, UFH Packs, John Guest systems, Warmup systems, and Thermostat Controls. With our Underfloor Heating products, you can have complete control over how you heat your home, giving you efficient, reliable heating solutions. Easy to install and use, our Underfloor Heating systems are the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their home heating solutions. Choose from our Underfloor Heating collection to experience the ultimate in-home comfort and warmth.

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Width : 901mm- 1000mm
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  1. Thermostatphere Mesh Electric Underfloor heating - 1m2 TSM-200-0100
  2. Aqua-Mat 100W AMBER PRO-1m2
    Aqua-Mat 100W AMBER PRO-1m2
    Special Price £70.55 Regular Price £97.99